Repair, Refurbishment & Distribution
Juarez, Mexico

El Paso, TX USA

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Who We Are
AMCOR was established by Tom St.John and Rich Guglielmo in 1986, and has been ISO 9001 certified since 1998. The company provides depot repair, spare parts, and inventory and reverse logistics management services. AMCOR supports both domestic and international customers from it’s headquarters in New Jersey USA. The AMCOR APPS program (Amcor Partnership Program Support) is unique in the industry, providing a completely customized service solution. Learn more about the AMCOR APPS program.

Corporate Quality Mission…
To provide that level of quality that will allow our customers to grow and prosper. ISO 9001 certified since 1998, AMCOR enjoys a reputation for unsurpassed quality and customer support. All departments and all personnel work from written policies and procedures to assure the highest level of consistent quality and service.

Market Segments Serviced …

  • OEM’s
  • Multi-vendor service organizations
  • Self-maintainers
  • Independent service organizations

Providing Service Solutions for…

  • OEM’s
  • General Business
  • Travel
  • Point of Sale
  • Self Service Applications
  • Financial
  • Consumer

AMCOR is a proud member of the Service Industry Association. Visit us on LinkedIn.

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