AMCOR Service Solutions | APPS Program
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APPS Program


The AMCOR Partnership Program Support service is unparalleled in the industry. Services available to APPS customers include…Customized Client Websites Developed and maintained by AMCOR to customer specification.Sample menu options might include…

  • Customized order entry
  • Customized order status & information
  • Customer Inventory position
  • Custom Warranty tracking
  • Setting Inventory Minimum Stocking Levels
  • Custom reporting
  • Custom file generation from queries
  • Quality statistics & reporting

Custom Order Processing
Orders accepted via custom website and/or customer system interface.

Custom Asset Management
AMCOR can track the location and history of activity of any asset by asset number or serial number.

Custom Inventory Management
Customer inventory is segregated both physically and electronically. Customers have real-time exposure to their inventory via custom website. AMCOR can plan the appropriate stocking levels using the customers stocking algorithm.

Custom Labeling

The customers internal shipping label is duplicated and incorporated into the AMCOR order processing system so that the customer identification and tracking systems can be utilized.

Custom Warranty Tracking
Repair/Refurbishment:  AMCOR labels each repaired part and refrubished whole unit with a unique AMCOR or customer specific tracking number. This is used for AMCOR self-maintained warranty tracking. All in-warranty items are brought to the attention of the customer and re-work done at no charge. When provided with a file containing serial numbers, AMCOR can upload the information and track OEM warranties. AMCOR can manage the warranty return program on behalf of the customer.

Custom Requests

Customer requests are integrated into the AMCOR system to provide consistent adherence. For instance, examples of custom requests might be

Order Processing

  • Use carrier XYZ if shipment over 100 lbs
  • Send shipping notification to Buyer XYZ


  • Scan in customer’s shipping reference number
  • Notify XYZ of non-conforming product


  • Always upgrade to Rev level X.XX
  • Include customer instruction form XXX with part


  • Include package XYZ with each shipment
  • Pack part 22345 in triple wall box

Custom Reporting

AMCOR maintains statistics on warranty, delivery, quality incident reporting, etc as part of it’s ISO certification. APPS customers can receive quality reports in customized formats.

AMCOR makes available to APPS customers via custom website the repair detail (all parts used, functions performed and tests completed) for all parts repaired and refurbished at AMCOR.

Period Reports
AMCOR can customize reporting to extract data for customer period reports on performance, sales history, etc.