AMCOR Service Solutions | Depot Repair
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Depot Repair

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Service

AMCOR has been ISO 9000 Certified since 1998 and is a major repair vendor to some of the largest service organizations in the world. AMCOR’s repair center for the Americas is located in Juarez, Mexico. Our reach and repair depth continue to expand worldwide. Whether you need electro-mechanical or PCB and BGA repair, whole unit refurbisment or logistics services, AMCOR has a program to fit your needs.


AMCOR technicians are extensively trained through formal education and web based courses to offer factory level service and refurbishment. Updates are provided through a Continuous Improvement Program. AMCOR offers warranty repair for many major equipment manufacturers in the POS and general purpose computer markets.

On-Line Procedures

Each technician performs repair and refurbishment from on line procedures at their workstation. This ensures that the same procedures and custom requests are performed consistently regardless of who does the work.

Quality Assurance

Our quality team is always active and sampling our finished goods so we can improve the total repair process which starts when we receive the defective product. All steps are checked as the items are stored, picked and repaired at the work stations, cleaned and finally packaged. The stated goal is to ship the right part to the right place, on time and have it work when it arrives!

Repair Log

All worked performed and parts used is logged into the system by each technician for each part repaired and refurbished. AMCOR maintains this information for 10 years providing a detailed history of activity and work performed.

Sample repair log: