AMCOR Service Solutions | Warranty Tracking
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Warranty Tracking


AMCOR applies a warranty tracking label on all repairable parts at time of shipment. And we include a Quality Feedback form so you may contact us with your comments. If the part is returned before the warranty expiration date and the warranty claim is valid, the part will be repaired or replaced at AMCOR expense.

AMCOR maintains a hIstory of all warranty tracking numbers and warranty expiration dates in our system. Warranty tracking numbers are all checked for warranty status when the item is received. If the part is found to be under warranty when received a warranty claim will be issued even if the customer did not report a claim to AMCOR.


Warranty claims will be voided if the fault is not caused by normal equipment failure. Some causes of voided warranty claims are: missing warranty label, expired warranty, liquid spills, power surges, improper handling and poor return packaging. An AMCOR quality assurance tech reviews each warranty claim and is repsonsible for determining its disposition.